Mobile app to connect ballroom
dancers, industry professionals & fans worldwide!
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Quickly and easily set up your profile as a dancer, dance official, dance studio owner, vendor and more.  Add your personal, studio, dance competition, or vendor company information and have it available for all users of the app to find at anytime in our directory.  




Browse all dance posts, filter and sort them as needed or set any posts as favorites to always find them in your Favorites page, Contact posters via phone or email, or share any post with others or on social media.  Create and publish your own posts at anytime, so that other users of the app can see them in their homepage, and receive relevant notifications about your posts! Comment on any posts that allow commenting and engage with each other!




Search our comprehensive directory to find any dancer, dance teacher, official, event, studio or vendor.  Filter and sort your search results, or find events on the map and add them to your mobile device calendar! Easily contact people via email and phone!



Posts you create, are matched automatically to profiles of users that could benefit most from seeing your post.  Those users receive push notifications for each matched post, allowing them to quickly jump to that post in the app. Additionally, once a week, a bulletin email is sent to users summarizing all posts that matched their profiles.  Our notifications allow app users to stay on top of all of the information that is most relevant to them!

BOXSTEP - Mobile Network for Ballroom Dancing!


BoxStep is an exciting new mobile platform that connects ballroom dancers, industry professionals and dance fans around the globe! 
It is very easy to use and is available for IOS and Android mobile devices.
BoxStep - orange logo short.png
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